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ali&marissas happytime ((:

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***This is marissa's section***
I have the tendancy to dance in the rain;
i love screamo, but sccreaming little childrenn are quite obnoxious. I am appartently very romantic,by quiz standards,and i kinda like it... I live off of music, no lie. Slipknot is my 2nd favorite,1st Fall Out boy(forever&always) I am in the land of 30h!3, and diggit pretty much. i can get along with you, just talk to me.. dinosaurs are the best, and if i had to choose between being a witch,vamp,werewolve,or shapeshifter, i would be a WEREWOLVE!!! wolverine is terminator with claws. And Steve Irwin is on a boat with Michael Jackson,2pac,and Elvis.


Please forgive me, but I love music too much ((:

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T H I S I S A L I ' S S E C T I O N !

Hello everybody. c: My name is Ali, but you can call me AliXArson, HEY YOU!, or Pimp Masta' 9000. :]

Let's seee... my favorite colors are Purple, Blue, and Black. (like bruses hahahaha! *shot*)
My favorite shows are The Fairly Odd Parents, SpongeBob, South Park, The Penguins of Madagascar, American Dad, SuperJail!, and....I'll think of more later. <8D;

My favorite bands and Beck, Simon and Garfunkel, and Gorillaz. 8]

IRL I'm reallllyyy shy and dorky. D: but I'm pretty nice and crap. I've dyed my hair pink, fuchsia, and I'm gonna get blue streaks. I'm even thinking about dyeing all of my hair bright red.

I enjoy drawing Anime and Manga, but not really watching it. I kinda lost interest. D8 I like Yaoi (mostly Shota), Yuri (mostly loli) and anything in between. i'm a very...open person. XD

I'm done here, now go R E A D A B O O K !